"Good ideas are important, but execution is key". By Giselle Abramovich

Fintech Venture Consulting

Ready to move forward?. Execution is the ultimate differentiator and it involves specific skills, starting with a team who pays close attention to details and process.

Fintech Venture Consulting is a consultancy firm which main purpose is to evaluate fintech technical solutions and projects from technical partners in the Europe and USA geographical spaces, in order to commercialize these solutions (technological products and specialized projects) in the Spanish market among fintech final customers.

The activity is defined as sales consultancy professional services for Fintech/Regtech/Insurtech solutions and Fintech specialized technical projects which includes all phases of technical sales, from Territorial Plan to Post-sales Support


The founder and Managing Partner, María del Carmen Rodríguez, is certified by MIT on Fintech Future Commerce and by EUROINNOVA on Anti-money Laundering process.

María del Carmen Rodríguez is certified in ITIL IT Service Management, specialized in the management/analysis for IT Transformation Back-Office transversal projects, covering extended multiplatform funcionalities for finance projects in two vertical markets: Telecommunications (10 years) and Logistics (more than 7 years). She has worked as IT Project Manager and Business Analyst for more than 17 years in IT Departments for finance IT processess with international background across Europe and USA